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With SuperCruise Technology For Excellent RF Performance

Mobile phone power amplifier modules are optimized for 4G LTE, as well as 3G, HSPA, CDMA and W-CDMA. Key features include:

- Single 3V voltage supply
- Small form factor
- Up to 47% PAE
- Ultra linearity available for LTE-Advanced

Available with integrated power-saving mode and power detecting/control functions, they can be easily applied to reduce transmitter's current consumption.

Wireless Connectivity power amplifier modules are optimized for high data rate applications such as 802.11, 802.16, pico/femto basestations and customer premise equipment. They support OFDM modulation which demands high linearity and efficiency under extreme operating conditions. Key features include:

-High Output with Low Voltage (3 - 5V)
-Small form factor
-Integrated impedance matching network
-Support up to 6GHz

These fully-integrated, multi-stage power amplifer modules are excellent choices to simply radio designs.


Micro Mobio provides complete RF solutions, from IC design to module production, for strategic partners.

Micro Mobio's RF design centers are staffed with experienced designers and equipped with state-of-the-art CAD systems and measurement instruments. We provide quick response on customers' request for high volume manufacturing programs.

Please e-mail us for further questions at info@micromobio.com.


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